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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Adding dotPhoto Elements as Permanent Blogger Components

Blogger's Layout tab enables users to add permanent links, RSS feeds or dotPhoto Shows as part of the layout. These links will not "go away" as new blogs replace old blogs: they will remain at the top of your blog where they are always available to your readers.

Adding links from Blogger to your dotPhoto Account

Click on the Layout link in blogger:

Click on "Add a Page Element." You can add page elements to the thin menu column on the left or to the blog area on the right. In this example, we're adding links to the thin menu column on the left.

Bloggers offers many tools for adding images and links. Let's choose "Link List."

Sign into your dotPhoto account to get your links. The easiest way to make your photos always available is to choose the main link to your albums and to sort your albums by recency: that way, your most recent photos are always at the top.

To find your links, go to your albums, click on Share and See Links.

You can copy the main link for all albums or copy links for individual albums.

Once you have chosen and copied your links at dotPhoto, return to Blogger and paste the links in your link list. Give it a title and a site name like the ones below. Paste your link into the "New Site URL" field.

On your Blogspot page, the new element will look something like this (depending on the blog style you have selected):

Adding a dotPhoto Show as your first page element in your blog

A dotPhoto Show can set the tone for your blog or explain briefly who you are or what the blog is about. Here's how to add a dotPhoto Show as the first page element in your blog.

As in the procedure above, click on Layout. Then choose the HTML/JavaScript option by clicking on "ADD TO BLOG."

Go to your dotPhoto account, click on the Show tab, and "mouse over" the show you want to add. Click on "Link show" in the menu that pops out. (If you cannot find this menu, simply watch a dotPhoto Show, and, at the top of the screen, click on the "Embed" link.)

Click on the "Embed in your favorite Blog or Website" link to copy the Show link:

Back in Blogger, paste in the link to the HTML/Javascript box and click on Save Changes.

Finally, click on the new page element you have just created in the layout. Hold your mouse button down and drag the element to the top of the page like this.

You'll see that you have added a new dotPhoto Show that will always appear at the top of your blog.

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